The Dainish oiled three-quater oak whisky barrel is a hard wearing solid oak planter. Once rubbed down to show the wood grain it gets treated with Danish oil,an environmentally friendly product that can be used in indoors and outdoors in kitchens and gardens with great UV protection. This helps to protect against the discoloration that can be seen with other products such as varnish. Dainish oil,once cured, is also completely non-toxic and food safe meaning its safe for any pets that may chew.


Maintinance: Another benifit of dainish oil is it is siple to maintain with no sanding down or hassle just simply clean the surfice with a wipe down or light wash to remove any dirt and apply another coat to the clean surface. The oil can also be applied over the metal bands to their lifespan.



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Three-Quarter Oak Barrel Planter Pair ( Danish oiled )